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Daniel Yip,IT Director

OpenStack Personas

Nishiki University

  • Daniel Yip (IT Director, Nishiki University IT)
  • Daichi Nakamura (Cloud / System Administrator, Nishiki University IT)
  • TBD User (Researcher using Central OpenStack)
  • TBD User (Researcher managing their own OpenStack?)

"Lead with speed and agility while keeping the same budget."

Daily Horizon Usage



Ibaraki, Japan

Nishiki University

Nishiki University is a mid-size university focused on research. They have a mid-sized IT infrastructure that runs many mission-critical applications. They are frequently on the cutting edge of new technologies as they are used as part of the course curriculum and for graduate research studies. They value solid, industry standard technology backed up by vendor support that provides stability, reliability, and security.

How do you use Horizon Today?

I don't use it, but the OpenStack cloud is an important part of the IT services we provide at the university. I've a member of my team -- Daichi -- who does all the day-to-day management of our OpenStack cloud, which we use in production; you should speak with him to find out his experience with Horizon.

In terms of OpenStack, we're looking for rock-solid vendor support, stability, reliability, and security against cyber threats.

What are your main responsibilities?

I oversee the entire IT infrastructure for the university and ensure maximum availability of all critical infrastructure. As part of these responsibilities, I lead the technology team responsible for managing this infrastructure.

Are you involved in the OpenStack Community?

I encourage my team to contribute to the community on their own time, but we don't spend much time in the code ourselves. Our infrastructure is working well now, and we have many users using it, so we are only going to replace that with code that is ready for deployment. If it is not ready, then we can't use it. I know we've done some backports in certain circumstances due to some unique hardware and/or applications we have in-house.

Daichi has been active helping with the OpenStack community with the Operator's working group and has helped with the Operator's User Guide and Security Guide for OpenStack.

What are the key obstacles that you see with OpenStack Today?

The biggest issue right now with OpenStack is that I need to hire or train people to build and manage OpenStack. Although it takes relatively few staff to run an OpenStack installation, finding staff with the skills to build it or to set it up is proving hard to find. We've partnered up with some of the programs to develop programs and areas that would give students the ability to experiment and learn OpenStack as part of their university curriculum.

Status: Draft

Data source: OpenStack and non-OpenStack Customer interviews

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