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OpenStack Containers Team

The Containers team is a cross-functional team for OpenStack community stakeholders interested in adding better support in OpenStack for container technology. The team was initially formed in May 2014, and currently has a clear vision for advancing container technology in existing OpenStack services, and new services and tools that evolve OpenStack to track with new technological advances in this area. This team will be considered successful once users of OpenStack can create and manage containers on OpenStack with an experience consistent with what they expect from using the Nova service to get virtual machines.

This team is actively engaged refining Magnum, a Containers Service for OpenStack.


Anyone interested in containers support in OpenStack may join the OpenStack Containers Team on Launchpad for meeting invite updates.

If you wish to become a core member of the team, we recommend fixing existing bugs, implementing blueprints, and reviewing the magnum and python-magnumclient repos.


This team has a weekly meeting schedule on the main OpenStack meeting schedule:

Top Themes

This team has identified the following areas of focus:

  • Container support in OpenStack, with minimum code duplication
  • Advance on our vision of container integration with OpenStack
  • API support for using features from Containers that are not offered by virtual machines.

Mailing List

Mailing list discussion for this team is on the OpenStack Developers Mailing List. Prepend the topic tag [Containers] or [Magnum] to your subject line depending on the category of your inquiry.


Team members are encouraged to join the #openstack-containers channel or Freenode. For those also interested in the nova-docker virt driver on Stackforge may also be interested in the #nova-docker channel.

Container Networking Subteam

The container networking subteam has merged back into the general Magnum community. The subteam focused on improving networking capabilities within the Magnum project. This work is still ongoing and subteam members are still active in the general Magnum community. The subteam developed and implemented the Magnum Container Networking Model spec. Additional Magnum networking details reside in the Magnum wiki .