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We have had the precedent of conducting two mid cycles in one OpenStack development cycle usually at R-18 and R-9 unless we have a conflict with some other major event. These mid cycles act as a checkpoint of the work items that were discussed during the PTG like spec status or Milestone 2 related work items. The date and time overlaps with our cinder meeting time (plus one extra hour) as people are used to that routine and that should guarantee more attendance and involvement as it has worked in the past.

Etherpad: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/cinder-zed-midcycles

Session Two: R-8: 10 August 2022


We held our second mid cycle of the Zed development Cycle on 10th August (R-8 week) between 1400-1600 UTC. Since we were 3 weeks away from Milestone - 3 which is also feature freeze, we reviewed our current features[1] for the cycle and prioritize them for reviews. We had an in depth discussion on current CI state and how we can improve upon it. Also there are already changes in place to improve our CI. Finally we had discussion on important issues that fix major features like RBD volume deletion and NFS encryption.

[1] https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/cinder-zed-features

Session One: R-18: 1 June 2022


We held our first mid cycle of the Zed development Cycle on 1st June (R-18 week) between 1400-1600 UTC. We discussed some of the topics that were left during the PTG due to time shortage. We also discussed two public security vulnerabilities that, after the discussion, found out to be not security related. We also discussed the specs status and the new drivers proposed during the Zed cycle. Finally we talked about the Removal use of libcgroup/cgroup v1 code which is not useful in it's current state and needed more operator feedback to find if it was worth working on the cgroup v2 feature.