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Welcome to the Cinder 2023.2 (Bobcat) midcycle summary page!

We conduct 2 midcycles between the OpenStack development cycle (6 months) that acts as a checkpoint for the following:

  • Revisiting/following up the topics discussed at PTG
  • Discuss topics that were missed during PTG due to author's unavailability or lack of time or any other reason
  • Status of work items based on the milestone

There could be more reasons but the above highlighted are the major ones.

For 2023.2 (Bobcat), the Midcycle will happen at:

  1. R-18: 31st May, 2023 (Wednesday) 1400-1600 UTC
  2. R-6: 23rd August, 2023 (Wednesday) 1400-1600 UTC

Etherpad: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/cinder-bobcat-midcycles

Session Two: R-6: 23 August 2023


We held our second mid cycle of the 2023.2 (Bobcat) development Cycle on 23rd August (R-6 week) between 1400-1600 UTC.

We had a good and productive session mainly focusing on the gate issues we have been noticing recently. We also combined it with the festival of XS reviews.

After that we had a session for Festival of XS reviews where we reviewed os-brick patches for the upcoming release and also discussed other potential import changes.

The list of patches is in the etherpad.

Session One: R-18: 31 May 2023 -- SKIPPED - NO TOPICS