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This page was used to help design a feature that has been implemented. As a result, this page is unlikely to be updated and could contain outdated information. It was last updated on 2013-12-10

  • Launchpad Entry: autodocbug
  • Created: Steven Deaton
  • Contributors: Tom Fifield


Develop a system to automatically create documentation bugs, based on existing LaunchPad bugs that have a predetermined tag.


The reasoning is that too much time and effort is being / has been exerted for the creation of documentation bugs that can be spent on other things. If this whole process is automated (bug creation) then everyones' time can be better utilized.


This is under discussion between myself and Tom right now, but... we were talking about a different way to go about this (go through the interim processing, which would be faster and easier to do...) ...which looks to be jenkins (from what I read on the ci.openstack.org site), so I have emailed Anne about this and will check back on things for this again soon.