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  • Launchpad Entry: TempestSpec:add-basic-heat-tests
  • Created: 18 May 2013
  • Contributors:


Heat is a service to orchestrate multiple composite cloud applications. Heat manages the resources provided by OpenStack (compute, volume, network ..) Unlike the other OpenStack competent it has relative simple OpenStack API, but relative verbose language(HOT). Heat also provides basic Amazon Could Formation compatibility.

User stories

We have multi-tier enterprise web application stack and our internal resource are usually not enough to provide low latency services in the rush hours. We would like to ensure our "scaling out to the cloud" solution is working in a reliable way and we are considering moving our complete application stack "into the cloud".


Ensure complex application stacks successfully deploy-able into an OpenStack environment.


Gate time tests:

  • Full API coverage including the negative tests.
  • Basic API access CLI coverage as with the other CLI client
  • scenario: Build an application stack with networking elements

Most likely periodic tests:

  • Periodically built heat cloudwatch compatible images, they should be published for example on the static.openstack.org.
 The heat several cases requires a special could image, which contains components for reporting the VM state and configuring the applications.
 Application deployment
 Heat templates Includes oz image build templates
 diskimage-builder elements
  • CloudWatch / ceilometer aided HA and auto scaling tests.

Additional Notes

Heat has a horizon plugin called 'thermal': https://github.com/steveb/heat-horizon

Unresolved issues

  • What needs to be a periodic tests and what fits into the gate check/verify time.

BoF agenda and discussion