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Design Summit Summary

In an attempt to summarize decisions made at the November 2010 Design Summit, this page provides an area for "scribing" the decisions.


At the Summit, public note-taking occurred in Etherpad. A collection of links to those Etherpads is available at BexarDeveloperTopics.

Decision Points

  • Rely and standardize on eventlet in Nova, moving away from Twisted as a dependency. Swift uses eventlet, and eventlet is slightly more accessible for "random" coders.
  • Next release name is Cactus. We're choosing release names based on a city or county near the prior dev summit that starts with the next letter in the alphabet. Display a list, shout names, then the group chooses a release name.
  • For the release schedule, we decided to have two relatively short cycles in order to synchronize OpenStack with Ubuntu's upcoming FinalFreeze (a period prior to an Ubuntu FinalRelease). So the Natty FinalFreeze date (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule) synchronizes with our Cactus release and our Bexar release is before Natty FeatureFreeze. OpenStack's release schedule is available at BexarReleaseSchedule.
  • We decided not to produce Python eggs as part of our release process.
  • Make a true "release candidate" a few days prior to the release.
  • Make it a goal to provide translation for logging messages (keeping the scope of localization just to logging for now).


This section describes some of the themes of discussions, not necessarily decisions but themes you'd want to know about if you weren't everywhere all the time.

  • Community/Communication - Consolidate the Nova and Swift Launchpad mailing lists to a single OpenStack mailing list at https://launchpad.net/~openstack, openstack@lists.launchpad.net.
  • Localization - Code in a way that translation is enabled for the future.
  • Testing/Quality - Provide improvements to testing of Nova on the Hudson build machine, exposing the plan (AnneGentle to get details from JayPipes). The idea is to trigger a massive large-scale deployment with usage tests and performance tests for every tarmac landing, not just unit tests and PEP8 testing.
  • Testing - We would like for hardware-oriented partners to provide test labs to test on various hypervisors.