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This page was used to help design a feature for a previous release of OpenStack. It may or may not have been implemented. As a result, this page is unlikely to be updated and could contain outdated information. It was last updated on 2013-09-30

  • Launchpad Entry: NovaSpec:backup-schedule
  • Created: 24 oct 2012
  • Contributors: Édouard Thuleau

Schedule Snapshote


In addition to creating image backup on demand, you may also want to schedule periodic image backup. These periodic image backups are triggered automatically based on backup schedule established.

Release Note

This feature plans to be finished in G version.

The administrator wants to add an image periodic backup mechanism for a server.


The OpenStack compute API proposes 'backup server' in the extension 'admin_action'. This action permits to defines a backup type (daily or weekly) and the persistence of the backup.

The schedule backup will permit administrator to automate this backup periodically (daily or weekly).

User stories

Administrator wants to automate a periodic backup (daily or weekly) of the instance image and defines the persistence of the backup.



  • Administrator creates a periodic backup for a server through the API extension 'admin_action/createBackup'
  • The compute manager creates a snapshot of the image server and upload it to Glance with 'image_type' set to 'backup'.
  • A periodic task of nova-compute or a new nova service ('nova-automate-backup' for example) lists images with property 'image_type' equal to 'backup' from Glance.
    • For each images, if the creation date plus the time defines in the property 'backup_type' is older than current date, we make another backup of the server, directly through compute API.
  • If the administrator wants to stop the automated periodic backup of a server, he just needs to delete all backup images of this server in the image library.

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Future work, outside of the scope of the current blueprint, we can make it more general. We can add a schedule parameter for each server action on the OpenStack compute API (like it was proposed by the blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/server-cron). We can replace the precedent 'nova-schedule-backup' service by 'nova-schedule' which will trigger all the scheduled server actions.


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