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Mission Statement

To enable chat bot driven Operational Monitoring, Triaging, and DevOps.


This project aims to simplify Operations Monitoring, Triaging workflows and DevOps in general. The Operations community is already using a variety of tools such as this list: Monitoring tools. The main problem is that a lot of operations workflows are very ad hoc, mundane, and takes the life out of you. Automation scripts help to some extent, but you still need human experts to triage and figure out the right automation workflows for each scenario. The Adiuvo (latin for to help) project envisions to help by combining the intelligent automation and collaboration of the various existing tools and / or people in this space into a unified ChatOps interface. AdiuvoBot is an attempt to use the ChatOps bot interfaces to integrate playbook based workflows, building knowledge bases by information sharing and helping the DevOps teams scale effectively.

Use Case Scenarios

  • One stop shop for Openstack services client side API interactions

Core services such as Nova, Neutron, Cinder, etc are integrated with the bot interface, enabling users to interact with the bot, to perform client side operations. The bot recognizes the corresponding intents from the messages and translates to the respective service API calls and returns the response. The bot platform could thus become a controlled environment for the necessary operations. With the required access control enabled, only specific users with certain roles can perform their allowed operations via the bot.

  • Controlled environment for Triaging with transcript reporting capabilities

Most of the triaging happens in the messaging channel, where the user interacts with the bot performing a sequence of operations. This entire triaging sessions is recorded by the messaging channel, where the bot is deployed. Hence allows for each reporting of the whole triage session.

Platform-side Integrations

  • You could deploy the bot at a messaging application platform such as Slack, Telegram, IRC Channel, etc.
  • You could also integrate the bot with other collaboration services such as Jira, Freshdesk, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, etc.

OpenStack Barcelona 2016 Summit Talk

Get Involved

Please join with us to help move forward together as a community! We are sure that the ideas and concepts can use refinement and we'd like to identify where we can best fit in to the ecosystem.