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The number of Craton tasks completed this week1 (2016-05-16 to 2016-05-22) is 10 (an increase of 3 from the previous week). 14 tasks were added this week. The arrival rate is 1.22 tasks per day (an increase of 0.16 from last week); the throughput rate (completed tasks) is 0.83 tasks per day (an increase of 0.13 from last week). The cycle time (number of days to complete a task from when it was created to when it is development done) is 7.18 days (an decrease of 0.39 from the previous week).

1. Can potentially include obsoleted or non-impactful tasks.


Based on our progress up to this point, a throughput rate of 0.83 tasks per day, and 16 remaining tasks, we are projecting a completion of on or about 2016-06-10. This forecast date will be revised based on increases or decreases to scope and changes to the throughput rate.

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