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Women of OpenStack

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Welcome to the Women of OpenStack directory!

Feel free to add yourself to the list. For your Contact info, use whatever you're most comfortable with—Facebook or LinkedIn, Launchpad profile page, IRC handle, etc.

You may also want to join the Women in OpenStack LinkedIn group. If you're an IRC user, join #openstack-opw.

Name Contact Role Area(s) of Interest
Jane Example Stacker IRC: JaneS
Developer Nova, Neutron
Malini Bhandaru IRC: malini1
malini dot k dot bhandaru at intel dot com
Architect & Manager - Intel Open Source Technology Center Security, Advanced Network Services, Glance, Keystone
Lana Brindley IRC: loquacities
Docs Core & Rackspace Private Cloud Docs All projects
Anne Gentle IRC: annegentle
Docs PTL, Technical Committee All projects
Karin Levenstein IRC: KLevenstein Docs Writer (Information Developer)
Rackspace Private Cloud docs
OpenStack Core projects
Alexandra Settle IRC: asettle
Docs Writer (Information Developer) OpenStack Core projects