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Travel Support Program/Icehouse

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OpenStack Travel Support Program - Icehouse edition

The first edition of the OpenStack Travel_Support_Program is complete. This page has details for the past edition. Details for current editions will always be on Travel_Support_Program.

  • Candidates applied on the online form starting July 10, with the deadline of July 31

Composition of the Travel Committee

  • Alan Clark, OpenStack Board of Directors
  • Anne Gentle, PTL
  • Dolph Mathews, PTL
  • Gabriel Hurley, PTL
  • John Griffith, PTL
  • Julien Danjou, PTL
  • Lauren Sell, Foundation Staff
  • Lew Tucker, OpenStack Board of Directors
  • Mark McClain, PTL
  • Mark McLoughlin, PTL
  • John Dickinson, PTL
  • Russell Bryant, PTL
  • Ryan Lane, User Committee
  • Steven Dake, PTL
  • Simon Anderson, OpenStack Board of Directors
  • Stefano Maffulli, Foundation Staff
  • Tim Bell, User Committee
  • Tom Fifield, Foundation Staff
  • Tristan Goode, OpenStack Board of Directors

Travel rewards and deadlines for Icehouse/Hong Kong Summit

Hotel Rooms: approx $30K investment

  • We have 20 rooms booked at the Regal Hotel, November 2-9 (depending on how long they need to stay)
  • Room rate including tax is approx $230/night (maximum 7 nights)
  • http://www.regalhotel.com/Regal-Airport-Hotel/Main/hotel-home.aspx
  • All of the rooms in our block have two beds, so we can ask grantees to stay with a roommate to accommodate more people.
  • Deadline: Must have names and dates submitted by August 28, otherwise we will lose investment in hotel room block. Need to be clear about whether it's a single or double room (with roommate).

Flights: approx $20K investment, this will be the area we need to more closely manage spend

  • Should have the ability to cover 12-14 flights (depending on where they're traveling from)
  • Flights will be booked via OpenStack Foundation travel coordinator
  • Deadline: Need to have travel details submitted by August 15 for reasonable rates

Registration: approx $8K investment

  • We can provide up to 20 full-access Summit passes (to help subsidize costs for those who are not ATCs or sponsors receiving a free badge - most likely users or potential contributors)
  • Deadline: Need to have names by October 4


  • The Regal hotel offers free buffet breakfast, and lunch and snacks will be provided at the event. They would be on their own for dinner.

Total Foundation Projected Investment: $58K USD


Summary of the program were published on the OpenStack Blog.