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HOWTO - Add translation support to my OpenStack project

First step is to adopt oslo.i18n in your project - How to Use oslo.i18n in Your Application or Library

Once you have some messages to translate, we need to extract those messages using Babel. The easiest way is to run "python setup.py extract_messages" in say the py27 venv. You will have to create a "locale" directory to store the generated files. Now you are ready to merge the generated files into your project (see example review)

Once your project has merged those files, you need to ensure that a new project is created in Transifex.

Now you are ready to create jobs that take care of proposing reviews to your project when new strings are translated automatically. You can do this by updating the project-config repository and add "translation-jobs" template to your project in the layout.yaml and project.yaml files (see example review).

That's it folks, happy translating!