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Tools and Monitoring WG

Status: Sporadic Activity

Organisers: Debbo Dutta, Joe Topjian


To discover and detail best practices in ops monitoring and tools, and facilitate tool sharing 

How to Join

  1. Sign up to the openstack-operators mailing list
  2. Email Debbo Dutta <dedutta@cisco.com> to get patched in
  3. join the bi-weekly meeting: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#OpenStack_OSOps/Monitoring_and_Tools_Working_Group
  4. Attend Ops Events
  5. Contribute to the openstack osops repos: https://github.com/openstack/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=osops
  6. Check out and help out with OsOps :D



  • A list of external tools that we have used for supporting OpenStack infrastructures: Operations/Tools
  • Example Config - A place for example configurations of different OpenStack clouds. Please if you want to contribute to this scrub your configuration of any sensitive data.
  • Contribution Tooling - A place for scripts and tools can get pushed up for the greater OpenStack Operator community to use. There are no coding standards here, but every tool is at least visually checked via the core membership for anything that looks malious. Use at your own risk.
  • Generic Tooling - A repo of curated tools and scripts. These have been verified that do what they say, pass our coding standards and have been found useful by the Operating Community.
  • Logging Tooling - A repo for tools that sit around or help deal with Logging in OpenStack Clouds.
  • Monitoring Tooling - A shared repo for monitoring portions of OpenStack clouds. This can be a simple as a Nagios check for glance to full suites of tooling.