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Tacker: mission & scope

Tacker is a project developing a framework to simplify hosting of services in virtual and physical appliances. The framework relieves service developers of having to, themselves, implement functionality to manage devices that host service instances.

The capabilities and functionality envisioned for Tacker are:

  • Device inventory to keep track of available devices
  • Template constructs to describe and categorize devices of different types
  • Lifecycle management of virtual machines and containers
    • This includes maintenance of VM pools that can hide boot latency, thus making the VM instance immediately available
  • Control allocation of capacity in the devices

Implementation or orchestration of the services (e.g., FWaaS or LBaaS) is NOT in scope of Tacker. Initial use cases are advanced network service oriented but use cases from other areas are not excluded. Indeed, folks from non-networking communities are welcomed to participate and contribute.

Relation to Nova, Glance, Heat

Tacker makes use of Nova and Glance for VM and image management. Tacker does not, but could, make use of Heat as a subsystem to manage virtual devices.

Points of contact

Use Cases

No. Name Description User Priority Target Release Status
1 Define ServiceVM Ability to define a ServiceVM template using (a) instance image (2) device specification (to run the image) Operator High Kilo

Action Items



We are tracking our dependencies on other features or blueprints in rest of the Openstack projects here: ServiceVM/Dependencies


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