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StoryBoard/Brussels Sprint


  • Sprint will happen for 2 days: Thursday and Friday January 30-31 (just before FOSDEM).
  • We should start at 9:00am and end at 6:00pm (office space is available from 8:30am to 6:30pm).


  • We'll meet in a meeting room sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation in the Multiburo office rental space
  • Address: Tour Louise, Avenue Louise 149, Brussels
  • Tel: +32(0)2 535 75 11
  • Public transportation: Tram 93/94 just in front of office space (Defacqz station), Tram 81/83 and Bus 54 at 150m (Bailli station), Metro at 900m (Louise station)
  • There will be coffee in the room (a Nespresso machine should sit there all day).
  • As a backup location, in case the Multiburo deal falls out, HP offered to host us in their Diegem offices near Brussels Airport.

Practical information

  • Most people are expected to book hotels near the meeting space in this area: http://goo.gl/maps/UD5nc
  • We'll use public transportation in Brussels, so consider buying a rechargeable MOBIB Basic card with 10+2 journeys on it (should be 17 €), or a disposable JUMP 10 journeys magnetic card (13.50 €)
  • FOSDEM happens 10:30am-7pm on Saturday, 9am-6pm on Sunday. No registration necessary. Lots of people. Messy buildings. No marketing talks. No sponsored talks. You love it or hate it.
  • Friday starting at 6pm (and finishing laaate) there is the famous FOSDEM Beer Event. Warning quote: "Unlike some other beers, Belgian beer is not just coloured water".


(Please add your arrival/departure times)

  • Cody Somerville
  • Colette Alexander
  • Ilya Shakhat
    • arrives Wed 4pm, departs Sun 10am
  • Jaromir Coufal
  • Jim Blair
  • Michael Krotscheck
  • Monty Taylor
  • Nikita Konovalov (visa pending)
  • Ruslan Kamaldinov (ruhe on irc) (visa pending)
  • Sergey Lukjanov (visa pending)
  • Thierry Carrez
    • Arrives Wed 5pm, Departs Sunday 5pm (train)


The goal of the sprint is to get to know each other and discuss/define the fundamentals of Storyboard, so that we can then proceed on delivering a first version dogfoodable by the infra team (and/or more) with continuous delivery from that point on.

Proposed workgroups

  • Features: high-level concepts, customers: start from ttx's needs (launchpad equivalent) and see if we can do to serve more people's need
    • Thierry, Colette, Sergey
  • Code: technical details, base architecture, technology choices, UI choices: make hard calls on what we should use, start coding it
    • Michael, Ilya
  • Infrastructure: CI/CD, integrate with openstack infra to achieve CI/CD in record time
    • Jim, Ruslan