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(Install OpenStack)
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= Install OpenStack =
= Install OpenStack =
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DEPRECATED - Please do not edit.

Install OpenStack

This installation assumes that all OpenStack-specific configurations required in the underlying StarlingX Kubernetes Platform have been done. i.e.

  • All nodes have been labelled appropriately for their OpenStack role(s),
  • The vSwitch type has been configured,
  • The nova-local volume group has been configured on any node's host, if running the compute function.

Install stx-openstack manifest / helm-charts

Get the StarlingX OpenStack application manifest/helm-charts. This can be from a private StarlingX build or, as shown below, from the public Cengen StarlingX build off 'master' branch:

wget http://mirror.starlingx.cengn.ca/mirror/starlingx/master/centos/latest_build/outputs/helm-charts/stx-openstack-1.0-17-centos-stable-latest.tgz

Load the stx-openstack application's helm charts definitions into starlingx:

system application-upload stx-openstack-1.0-17-centos-stable-latest.tgz

This will load the helm charts, internally manage helm chart override values for each chart and automatically generate system helm chart overrides for each chart based on the current state of the underlying StarlingX Kubernetes Platform and the recommended StarlingX configuration of OpenStack Services.

Apply the stx-openstack application in order to bring StarlingX OpenStack into service.

system application-apply stx-openstack

Wait for apply / activation of stx-openstack to complete.
This can take 5-10 mins depending on performance of HOST machine.
Monitor progress with:

watch -n 5 system application-list

When it completes, your OpenStack Cloud is up and running.

Access StarlingX OpenStack

Use Local/Remote CLIs, GUIs and/or REST APIs to access and manage StarlingX OpenStack and hosted virtualized applications. See details on accessing StarlingX OpenStack here.