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(Team Information)
(Team Information)
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* Technical Lead (Nova): '''Jim Guald''' <TBD@windriver.com>
* Technical Lead (Nova): '''Jim Guald''' <TBD@windriver.com>
* Core Reviewers: TBD
* Core Reviewers: TBD
* Contributors: TBD
* Contributors: '''Yongli He''' <yongli.he@intel.com>
=== Team Objective / Priorities ===
=== Team Objective / Priorities ===

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Distro OpenStack Sub-project

This page is under construction.

Team Information

  • Project Lead: Bruce Jones <bruce.e.jones@intel.com>
  • Technical Lead (Nova): Jim Guald <TBD@windriver.com>
  • Core Reviewers: TBD
  • Contributors: Yongli He <yongli.he@intel.com>

Team Objective / Priorities

  • Responsible for maintaining the StarlingX github staging branches for the openstack core components
  • Responsible for upstreaming existing StarlingX Openstack patches to the core projects
  • Responsible for the StarlingX Openstack rebase to the master OpenStack branch
  • Responsible for keeping StarlingX up to date with OpenStack master once we get there


All StarlingX story board stories and launchpad bugs created for this team should use the tag "stx.distro.openstack". For upstream work items (candidates for upstreaming to the core openstack projects), also use the tag stx-upstream.

Team Work Items


  • Capture status / more detailed plan - what's the cadence? weekly?
  • 2018/08/06:
  • 2018/08/13: