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'''Organisers''': Dina Belova <dbelova@mirantis.com>
'''Organisers''': Dina Belova <dbelova@mirantis.com>
'''Published Docs''': https://docs.openstack.org/performance-docs/latest/index.html

Latest revision as of 10:15, 12 July 2017

Status: Active

Organisers: Dina Belova <dbelova@mirantis.com>

Published Docs: https://docs.openstack.org/performance-docs/latest/index.html


A regular working group focused on defining the performance testing and benchmarking methodologies for OpenStack clouds on various scale, its performance testing and helping drive found solutions within OpenStack libraries and projects.

Technically our team is part of Large Deployment Team and we try to help each other with the issues finding and fixing.

Mitaka Roadmap

Newton Roadmap


How to Join

  • Join #openstack-performance IRC Freenode channel and share your experience
  • Take part in our weekly meetings, suggest your agenda items and take part in current discussions
  • Email Dina Belova dbelova@mirantis.com with your suggestions, questions, etc.
  • Write the emails to the openstack-operators mailing list with [Performance] subject prefix