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Weekly Performance Team Meeting

If you’re either running OpenStack clouds or developing and testing its components and you have seen performance issues on any scale, we meet every week to discuss these issues as well as more abstract items like what benchmarking tools need to become a standard, how to compare performance of different cloud deployments and so on.

Meeting Suspended in 2018. Performance team members are currently working on tasks not related to the OpenStack scale / performance

Meeting Times

Current Work Items

  • Define what tools need to be used for benchmarking OpenStack performance
  • Define what scenarios can verify cloud performance in the most unified way for all cloud deployments
  • Share experience on what deployment patterns should be used for various workloads (eventually create document with recommendations)

Agenda for next meeting

note: meeting suspended until this activity will get more traction again

Tuesday, Feb 13th at 15:30 UTC in #openstack-performance

Please feel free to add items to the agenda below with your name or irc_handle and we'll cover them.

  • Action items
  • Current progress on the planned tests
  • Open Discussion
  • <please add your discussion points>

Previous meetings & logs