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| adrian17od  
| adrian17od  
| [[Adrian Smith]]  
| [[Adrian Smith]]  
| Software Engineer - Dell
| Software Engineer - Workday
| akscram  
| akscram  

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Translation for IRC nicknames

Each name is linked to a bio page for that individual. Please add yourself

IRC Nickname Real Name Company or Role
_0x44 Christopher MacGown Piston Cloud Founder, Nova Core Team member, Former Ozone developer
Vivek / VivekVC Vivek Varghese Cherian Technical Specialist / Senior Project Lead - Syntel Inc, OpenStack Cloud Architect, DevOps Architect
adiantum IlyaAlekseyev Nova Developer
adrian17od Adrian Smith Software Engineer - Workday
akscram Ilya Kharin Software Engineer, Mirantis
alexpilotti Alessandro Pilotti CEO, Cloudbase Solutions
vitola Alex Vitola System Administrator - DevOps , Deserv - Tecnologia & Serviços
ameade Alex Meade Ozone Developer
amotoki Akihiro Motoki Quantum developer, NEC
andrewbogott Andrew Bogott Developer, Wikimedia Foundation
annegentle Anne Gentle OpenStack Technical Writer, Casual nick arriety
anotherjesse Jesse Andrews AnsoLabs co-founder, Nebula chief architect
alekibango David Pravec Free and Open Source Software Specialist
ArseneRei Stephon Striplin Developer, DreamHost
ayoung Adam Young Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
cleverdevil Jonathan LaCour Vice President, Software Development, DreamHost
bcwaldon Brian Waldon Rackspace Cloud Builders Developer
bencherian Ben Cherian General Manager, Emerging Technologies, DreamHost
berendt Christian Berendt Consultant/Developer, B1 Systems
BK_man Andrey Brindeyev Grid Dynamics International
blamar Brian Lamar Ozone Developer
btorch Marcelo Martins Swift System Engineer
carlp Carl Perry System Administrator, DreamHost (New Dream Network)
cerberus Matt Dietz Ozone Developer
chemikadze Nikolay Sokolov GridDynamics Developer
chidical Chidi Alams Systems Engineer
chmouel Chmouel Boudjnah Rackspace Developer
colinnich Colin Nicholson Software Developer, iomart group
comstud Chris Behrens Ozone Developer
creiht Chuck Thier Swift Developer
cwright Cory Wright Rackspace Operations
dabo Ed Leafe Ozone Developer
dachary Loic Dachary eNovance CRO and Debian GNU/Linux packager
davidhadas David Hadas Swift, IBM Research
danwent Dan Wendlandt Quantum developer, PTL
dendrobates Rick Clark OpenStack Project Lead & Chief Architect
devananda Devananda van der Veen Nova Baremetal Driver, Openstack-on-Openstack, HP Cloud
devcamcar Devin Carlen Founder of Nebula Inc, Nova Core Member, PTL Horizon, OpenStack POC
dhellmann Doug Hellmann DreamHost
dtroyer Dean Troyer Rackspace Cloudbuilders
DuncanT Duncan Thomas HP - Nova and Nova-volume team
eday Eric Day Open Source Architect / Developer
egallen Erwan Gallen Cloudwatt
eharney Eric Harney Red Hat
emagana Edgar Magana Technical Lead, Cisco - CTO Cloud Computing
exlt Michael Shuler Swift Systems Engineer
fifieldt Tom Fifield NeCTAR, OpenStack Foundation
fungi Jeremy Stanley project infrastructure, developer community resources and continuous integration systems
garyk Gary Kotton VMware
gholt Greg Holt Swift Developer
glange Greg Lange Swift Developer
glenc Glen Campbell Architect/Analyst
gongys Yong Sheng Gong IBM
guitarzan Cory Stone Rackspace
gundlach Michael Gundlach Ozone Developer
h1nch John Hincher Systems Engineer
heckj Joe Heck Developer / Systems Engineer
hemna Walter A. Boring IV HP - Cinder core member
ironcamel Naveed Massjouni Ozone Developer
jaypipes Jay Pipes Open Source Architect / Developer
jc_smith Jean-Christophe "JC" Smith Architect
jeblair James Blair Developer and CI Infrastructure
jgriffith John Griffith BlockStorage Technical Lead
jk0 Josh Kearney Ozone Developer
jmeridth Jason Meridth (JM) Ozone Developer
johnthetubaguy John Garbutt Senior Software Developer, Citrix Systems
johnpur John Purrier OpenStack/Rackspace liaison
joshuamckenty Joshua McKenty Piston Cloud Founder, Nova Core Team member, OpenStack POC, formerly NASA Nebula Architect
k4n0 Rohan Rhishikesh Kanade Izel Technologies, Senior Software Engineer
koolhead17 Atul Jha App Specialist, Csscorp
kpepple Ken Pepple Consultant / Architect / Developer
KMarsh Kyle Marsh Developer, DreamHost
LinuxJedi Andrew Hutchings Developer Infrastructure and Software Engineer, HP
littleidea Andrew Clay Shafer Cloudscaling
letterj Jay Payne Data Catalyst
lloydde Lloyd Dewolf Piston Cloud, Director of Customer Care
lorin1 Lorin Hochstein Lead Architect, Nimbis Services
Mandell Mandell Degerness Piston Cloud, Systems Analyst
maoy Yun Mao AT&T Labs - Research, Researcher
markmc Mark McLoughlin Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
MarkAtwood Mark Atwood Director - Open Source Evangelism, HP
markvoelker Mark Voelker Software Development Manager, Cisco
markwash Mark Washenberger Ozone Developer
matiu Matthew Sherborne Nova Dev - Rackspace
mattt Matt Thompson Systems Engineer
mattray Matt Ray Senior Technical Evangelist, Opscode
mestery Kyle Mestery Quantum developer
mikal Michael Still Rackspace Australia
mnot Mark Nottingham Rackspace
morellon Thiago Morello Locaweb
mtaylor Monty Taylor Developer Infrastructure and CI Manager, HP
murkk Chris Blumentritt Ozone Systems Engineer
n0ano Don Dugger Software engineer, Intel
ncode Juliano Martinez Locaweb
ndipanov Nikola Đipanov Red Hat
notmyname John Dickinson Swift Developer
nelson Russ Nelson Wikipedia Contractor
oubiwann Duncan McGreggor Cloud Engineering Manager, DreamHost
ozstacker Tristan Goode Australian OpenStack User Group Co-Ordinator, CEO Aptira
pandemicsyn Florian Hines Swift Engineering Monkey
patrocinio Eduardo Patrocinio IBM
pixelbeat Pádraig Brady Red Hat, Nove core team member
pknouff Philip Knouff Ozone Developer
PotHix Willian Molinari Locaweb
pvo Paul Voccio Ozone Manager
blakeyeager Blake Yeager Product Manager, Rackspace Cloud
rackerhacker Major Hayden Systems Engineer
rahmu Joe Hakim Rahme eNovance
rainya Rainya Mosher Ozone SDLC Project Manager
Razique Razique Mahroua Nevrotic Openstacker and Technical Writer
rbergeron Robyn Bergeron Fedora Marketing & Cloud Person
redbo Michael Barton Swift Developer
reed Stefano Maffulli OpenStack Community Manager
reldan Eldar Nugaev Software Developer
rohitk Rohit Karajgi Technical Lead, NTT Data
russellb Russell Bryant Red Hat
salv-orlando Salvatore Orlando Quantum Core Dev
sandywalsh Sandy Walsh Core developer (Rackspace - Ozone)
sarob Sean Roberts Infrastructure Strategy Yahoo!
sdague Sean Dague Developer, IBM
sirp Rick Harris Ozone Developer
s0mik Somik Behera OpenStack Quantum Founding Member, Quantum Core Developer, Product@Nicira, Former VMware Core Developer
SergeyLukjanov Sergey Lukjanov Tech Lead / Senior Software Engineer / Mirantis
soren Soren Hansen Open Source Architect / Developer
spy Antony Messerli Ozone Systems Engineer
termie Andy Smith Nova Developer
thimble André Nähring Consultant, Developer, B1 Systems
thingee Mike Perez Developer, DreamHost
toanster Toan Nguyen OpenStack Software Development Manager, Rackspace
tonywolf Tony Wolf Ozone Business Analyst
ttx Thierry Carrez OpenStack Release Manager
tylesmit Tyler Smith Cisco Developer
vishy Vish Ishaya Nova Project Technical Lead
winston-d Zhiteng Huang Performance Engineer, Intel
wowdd1 Zhao Dan Developer
loquacity Lana Brindley Technical Writer, Rackspace
osier Osier Yang Software Engineer, Red Hat
vrovachev Vadim Rovachev QA Engineer, Mirantis