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             $ dpkg -l | grep <projectname>
             $ dpkg -l | grep <projectname>
             $ rpm -ql | grep <projectname>
             $ rpm -qa | grep <projectname>
         If this is from git, please provide
         If this is from git, please provide
             $ git log -1
             $ git log -1

Latest revision as of 14:20, 24 September 2021

Bug Report Template

A bug report in Nova should come pretty close to this:

   Some prose which explains more in detail what this bug report is
   about. If the headline of this report is descriptive enough,
   skip this section.
   Steps to reproduce
   A chronological list of steps which will bring off the
   issue you noticed:
   * I did X
   * then I did Y
   * then I did Z
   A list of openstack client commands would be the most
   descriptive example.
   Expected result
   After the execution of the steps above, what should have
   happened if the issue wasn't present?
   Actual result
   What happened instead of the expected result?
   How did the issue look like?
   1. Exact version of OpenStack you are running. See the following
      list for all releases: http://docs.openstack.org/releases/
       If this is from a distro please provide
           $ dpkg -l | grep <projectname>
           $ rpm -qa | grep <projectname>
       If this is from git, please provide
           $ git log -1
   2. Which storage type did you use?
      (For example: Ceph, LVM, GPFS, ...)
   3. Which networking type did you use?
      (For example: nova-network, Neutron with OpenVSwitch, ...)
   Logs & Configs
   The tool *sosreport* has support for some OpenStack projects.
   It's worth having a look at it. For example, if you want to collect
   the logs of a compute node you would execute:
       $ sudo sosreport -o openstack_nova --batch
   on that compute node. Attach the logs to this bug report.