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Weekly Nova team meeting

Regular MEETING TIME: Tuesdays 16:00 UTC (#openstack-nova on OFTC)

This meeting is a weekly gathering of developers working on OpenStack Compute (Nova). We cover topics such as release planning and status, bugs, reviews, and other current topics worthy of real-time discussion.

Project Heartbeat

This information will be updated weekly but not mentioned in the meeting unless specifically called out on the agenda.

Agenda for next meeting

Next meetings scheduled for:

Where you see "?" feel free to just edit the wiki and add your item.

Here is the agenda for the next meeting:

  • #topic Sub/related team Highlights
    • #info No subteam left
  • #topic Open discussion
    • (gibi) Allow claiming PCI PF if child VF is unavailable https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/nova/+/838555
      • how to clean up DB inconsistency
      • Option a) lift some of the restrictions of the PCI claim logic so the inconsistency fixes itself at the next claim attempt
      • Option b) add a new nova-manage CLI that can detect (--dry-run) and fix the DB inconsistency
    • (owner_nick) Add your own point you want to discuss here.


There are also some Nova subteam meetings. See Nova#Nova_subteams for details.

Previous meetings