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Create a meeting

Choose when and where the meeting should take place

To create a new meeting, you need a meeting time and a meeting venue. Meetings are conducted in IRC in our publicly accessible and logged meeting channels. Currently we have the following meeting channels:

* #openstack-meeting
* #openstack-meeting-alt
* #openstack-meeting-3
* #openstack-meeting-4
* #openstack-meeting-5
* #openstack-meeting-cp (for TC formed working groups and cross-project specs discussions)

Please stick to one of these channels, for good reasons.

To find and book a meeting time, visit our meetings log page. You can either use the listed iCal feed to view all currently existing meetings in calendar format, or evaluate the wikipage by using Control-F in your browser to search for conflicts at a specific UTC time (the majority of meetings start at the top of the hour and continue for 60 minutes).

If you find you have selected a time which has other occurrences on the wikipage, evaluate date and meeting channel to select a UTC time, date and channel that is available.

Register the meeting

Go to our meetings repo and clone a copy for yourself following our development workflow. Follow the instructions in the meetings repo to create a new yaml file which will hold the details of your meeting. Submit the patch to gerrit (details in the development workflow link) and once it is merged it will appear here and in the ical feed.

Creating a wikipage for your meeting agenda is helpful. Here is an example.

Chairing meetings

Once you have done the above, you can read how to chair a meeting.