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Fuel/Bug tags

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Tags for Fuel project on Launchpad

We are working on chaos reduction in our tags usage. You can track current status here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/fuel-bugs-taxonomy

Area tags

Every bug should have one and only one area tag. Area tag refers to the group that owns the bug, tracks it's status and pushes it forward. For cross-team bugs there should be only one team that will own a bug. Main goal for these tags is to have a big picture of Fuel project health. Please don't create new tags with 'area-' prefix.

List of bugs without area tags

Important tags

  • swarm-blocker - Bug blocks swarm testing. Needs to be fixed as soon as possible
  • tricky - Bug requires lots of efforts for investigation, reproducing or fixing
  • low-hanging-fruit - Bug can be fixed by newcomer
  • tech-debt - it's not a bug, it's our technical debt. Doesn't affect user or plugin developer. Related to refactoring, unit tests, internal documentation
  • feature - it's not a bug, it's a feature that is too small to have separate blueprint
  • covered-by-bp - bug will be fixed with implementation of related blueprint
  • need-bp - same as #covered-by-bp but blueprint is not created yet

Components and feature tags

These tags are related to ongoing development

QA tags

  • on-verification - This tag is used when a QA Engineer is working on a Fix Committed bug to prevent verification of this bug by other QA Engineers at the same time.
  • qa-agree - This tag is used when a QA Engineer confirms that the issue is irreproducible (bug status: Invalid) or if there is no need to fix the issue (bug status: Won't fix).
  • qa-agree-<release number> - This tag is used when a QA Engineer agrees that issue will be fixed in the next release (bug status: Confirmed, Triaged, or In Progress).
  • system-tests - This tag is used when a bug is related to a code in system tests (a test request, investigation of a system test issue request, an issue in system test code).
  • swarm-blocker - This tag is used when a bug is a blocker for some system tests that run in swarm on CI.
  • scale - bug was discovered during test run on Scale lab
  • long-haul-testing - bug was discovered during long haul testing

Documentation tags

  • docs - bug requires changes in documentation
  • release-notes - bug must be covered in Release notes document of upcoming release