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(Project Liaisons)
(Project Liaisons)
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| QA
| QA
| Chason Chan(chenxing)
| Chason Chan (chenxing)
| chason
| chason
| chason.chan@foxmail.com
| chason.chan@foxmail.com

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First Contact SIG

Our Mission

To provide a place and group of people for new contributors to come to for information and advice. New contributors are the future of OpenStack and the surrounding community. Its important to make sure they feel welcome and give them the tools to succeed.


  • Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo) UTC -8


  • Zhipeng Huang (zhipeng) UTC+8
  • Amy Marrich (spotz) UTC-6
  • Colleen Murphy (cmurphy) UTC+1
  • Ildikó Váncsa (ildikov) UTC+1 (UTC+2 with daylight saving)
  • Jay Bryant (jungleboyj) UTC-6
  • Ghanshyam Mann (gmann) UTC+9
  • Matt Oliver (mattolverau) UTC+11

Helpful Resources

Project Liaisons

Name IRC Email Timezone Project
Matt Oliver mattolverau matt@oliver.net.au UTC+11 Swift
Cristiano Bellucci cbellucci Cristiano.bellucci@est.fujitsu.com UTC+1 Monasca
Ghanshyam Mann gmann ghanshyammann@gmail.com UTC+9 QA
Chason Chan (chenxing) chason chason.chan@foxmail.com UTC+8 openstack-manuals