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* Xav Paice (xavpaice@gmail.com)
* Xav Paice (xavpaice@gmail.com)
* Nate Johnson
* Nate Johnson
* Devon Boatwright
* Devon Boatwright  
* Robert Starmer (robert@kumul.us)
* Robert Starmer (robert@kumul.us)
* Shaun O"Meara (someara@mirantis.com)
* Shaun O'Meara (someara@mirantis.com)
* KATO Tomoyuki (kato.tomoyuki@jp.fujitsu.com)
* KATO Tomoyuki (kato.tomoyuki@jp.fujitsu.com)

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About the Ops/Arch Guide specialty team

Specialty team for developing and maintaining the Operations Guide and Architecture Design Guide.

Team Members

  • Shilla Saebi (Shilla.Saebi@gmail.com) - Team lead
  • Alexandra Settle (alexandra.settle@outlook.com)
  • Darren Chan (dazzachan@yahoo.com.au)
  • Victor Howard (victor.r.howard@gmail.com)
  • Xav Paice (xavpaice@gmail.com)
  • Nate Johnson
  • Devon Boatwright
  • Robert Starmer (robert@kumul.us)
  • Shaun O'Meara (someara@mirantis.com)
  • KATO Tomoyuki (kato.tomoyuki@jp.fujitsu.com)


We meet biweekly on Thursday at 2130 UTC in #openstack-meeting-3 in IRC. The next meeting will be on Thursday, 16 June 2016.

Meeting Logs

Meeting archive

Log from past meetings

Agenda for the next meeting

Thursday 16 June 2016

Newton release plans

Docs Newton release plans


  • Open reviews


  • Architecture Design Guide restructure for the Newton release

Specification Architecture Design Guide restructure work items

  • Architecture Design Guide reorganisation for the Mitaka release

arch guide etherpad Architecture Design Guide work items