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Architecture Design Guide work items

Architecture Design Guide Reorganization

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reviews and for those of us with dyslexia archguide-reviews Cloud architect article

Global tasks

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  • Rewrite abstract - Shilla Saebi
  • Markup glossary terms
  • How about we condense the use case information as a chapter at the start of the book, and mention hybrid as the main focus in the guide?
  • Mention http://docs.openstack.org/openstack-ops/content/cloud_controller_design.html
  • Would including a generic architecture design planning template in an appendix be useful or relevant?
  • Considerations when designing an OpenStack cloud in a development, staged or production environment

Chapter/Section tasks

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Chapter 1. Introduction

  • 1.2 How this book is organized (Njira Perci, https://review.openstack.org/260045/, Merged)
    • Rewrite this section mentioning the book follows a structure that system architects would use in developing cloud architecture design documents
  • 1.3 Why and How we wrote this book - Shilla Saebi
    • Include section?

Chapter 2 Identifying stakeholders

  • Describe who the internal and external stakeholders are, and the impact they may have on business requirements and architecture design. (Alexandra Settle)

See Launchpad bug 1548148

Chapter 3 Functional Requirements

See Launchpad bug 1548154

Chapter 4 User requirements

See Launchpad bug 1548149

Chapter 5 Operator requirements

Chapter 6 Capacity planning and scaling

See Launchpag bug 1548179

http://docs.openstack.org/arch-design/generalpurpose-technical-considerations.html#designing-network-resources, http://docs.openstack.org/arch-design/network-focus-technical-considerations.html, http://docs.openstack.org/arch-design/network-focus-architecture.html#tunable-networking-components, http://docs.openstack.org/arch-design/multi-site-architecture.html#networking, http://docs.openstack.org/arch-design/hybrid-user-requirements.html#network-considerations, http://docs.openstack.org/arch-design/hybrid-architecture.html,

See Launchpad bug 1548182

See Launchpad bug 1548184

Chapter 7. High Availability

(Xav Paice, review https://review.openstack.org/260856 Merged)

Chapter 8. Security requirements

Chapter 9. Legal requirements

See Launchpad bug 1548175

Chapter 10 Cloud architecture examples

(reflecting concepts and terminology described in previous chapters)

See Launchpad bug 1548176