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Newton Docs Deliverables

Ops and Arch Guides

  • Review content of both guides, and delete anything out of date
  • Review architecture of both guides, and possibly combine
  • Move Ops Guide into openstack-manuals repo
  • Gather content from Ops internal documentation

HA Guide

  • Move HA Guide into openstack-manuals

Installation Tutorial

Contributor Guide

  • UI/UX section improvement
  • Improve documentation of docs tools/theme etc
  • </s>Add diagram recommendations</s>
  • Document new Install Guide process
  • Process discussions: Who should follow this guide? Introduction of a minimal review time? Section about contribution recommendations: what devs should contribute, review expectations of docs, expected turn-around time, etc. How to deprecate/remove docs? Also define which are continuous-release, versioned, etc. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/346575/

Security Guide

  • Pull printed guide.
  • Updating neutron section

API Docs

User Guides

  • Work with the Ops Guide to check for duplicated content
  • Check for missing content and out of date content - fix links
  • Bring new service projects into the User Guides - esp. projects that have info in dev docs that could be moved into the user guide
  • IA plan - consistency, links, findability plus tables, code snippets, naming conventions (use contributor guide)

Docs Tools/Infra

  • Docbook XML tool removal
  • OpenStackdocstheme work
  • Create cookiecutter template for project-specific install guides
  • Config option to mark documents as deprecated (assuming we will work out how to uniformly decide that)
  • Match guidelines for consistent RST file naming by renaming RST files from underbar to hyphen in openstack-manuals repository.
  • Have Infra team get site off Cloud Sites, for HTTPS and the ability to delete properly. Spec: http://specs.openstack.org/openstack-infra/infra-specs/specs/doc-publishing.html