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Cyborg/Wallaby Release Schedule

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Dates Overview

  • Cyborg roughly follows the general release schedule.
    • Oct 26 - Oct 30: Virtual PTG
    • Nov 30 - Dec 04: Victoria-1 milestone, victoria legacy, and doc, wiki freeze
    • Jan 18 - Jan 22: Victoria-2 milestone, cyborg spec freeze
    • Mar 01 - Mar 05: non-client library (Oslo etc) release freeze
    • Mar 08 - Mar 12: Victoria-3 milestone, Feature Freeze, final python-cyborgclient release, requirements freeze, Soft String Freeze
    • Mar 22 - Mar 26: RC1 and Hard StringFreeze
    • Apr 05 - Apr 09: Final RCs and intermediary releases
    • Apr 12 - Apr 16: Wallaby release

Blueprints with milestone

According to the goals in Wallaby PTG, developers can roughly track all the approved blueprints set with milestones in the following. But please be aware that this page is usually created at the beginning of a release cycle, and may not update-to-date with the whole development process. For update-to-date and detailed blueprints and bug information, please also track in the storyboard Cyborg Wallaby Release Board. For development code, track in the Gerrit.


Please see: [TODO(yumeng): add cyborg contributor doc link here Cyborg team process].