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(Rocky Overall Design)
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===Rocky Subteam Co-leads===
===Rocky Subteam Co-leads===
* Release: Howard Huang, Zhuli
* Release: Howard Huang
* Doc: Yumeng Bao
* Doc: Yumeng Bao/Li Liu
* Driver: Li Liu, Chuck Song
* Driver: Shaohe Feng/Li Liu
===Rocky Community Goals===
===Rocky Community Goals===
* Mutable Config: https://review.openstack.org/559303  
* Mutable Config: Done (https://review.openstack.org/559303)
* Mox/Mox3 Removal: TBD
* Mox/Mox3 Removal: Done
===Rocky Overall Design===
===Rocky Overall Design===
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* os-acc: https://review.openstack.org/566798
* os-acc: https://review.openstack.org/566798
* Quota: https://review.openstack.org/560285
* Quota: https://review.openstack.org/560285
===Queens Development Trello Board===
===Pike/Queens Overall Design===
===Pike/Queens Overall Design===

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Cyborg (previously known as Nomad) is an OpenStack project that aims to provide a general purpose management framework for acceleration resources (i.e. various types of accelerators such as GPU, FPGA, ASIC, NP, SoCs, NVMe/NOF SSDs, ODP, DPDK/SPDK and so on).

Rocky Subteam Co-leads

  • Release: Howard Huang
  • Doc: Yumeng Bao/Li Liu
  • Driver: Shaohe Feng/Li Liu

Rocky Community Goals

Rocky Overall Design

Pike/Queens Overall Design

Pike/Queens Initial Architecture

Cyborg Architecture 1.0

Related Industry Efforts

Stanford DAWN Project:



FD.IO: https://fd.io/

SPDK: http://www.spdk.io/

Oak Ridge National Lab Quantum Computing Acceleration: https://ornl-qci.github.io/xacc/

Neuromorphic Computing: https://github.com/nengo/nengo

OpenCL: https://www.khronos.org/opencl/

OpenML: http://www.openmp.org/

CUDA: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit

OpenACC: https://developer.nvidia.com/openacc

RISC-V: https://riscv.org/

RISC-V on ICE40: https://github.com/grahamedgecombe/icicle

eBPF: https://www.iovisor.org/technology/ebpf


Team Photo

Cyborg team photo denver.jpeg

How to contribute

  1. git clone https://git.openstack.org/openstack/cyborg
  2. Make the changes to your entry, be sure to include what’s changed and why
  3. Commit the change for review
  4. The changes will be reviewed, merged within a day or so.

Cyborg is designed to use the same tools for submission and review as other OpenStack projects. As such we follow the OpenStack development workflow. New contributors should follow the getting started steps before proceeding, as a Launchpad ID and signed contributor license are required to add new entries.

New contributors can follow this guide DevStack Quick Start to setup cyborg environment.

The Cyborg Launchpad page can be found at https://launchpad.net/openstack-cyborg.