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OpenStack Containers Team

The Containers team is a new cross-functional team for OpenStack community stakeholders interested in adding better support in OpenStack for container technology. At the time of the Icehouse summit in Hong Kong there was a session and some IRC discussion on this topic, but after assorting some initial differences in opinion about where containers should be handled within OpenStack, discussions ended. This team aims to revisit this subject and drive to a conclusion that key stakeholders within the OpenStack community are comfortable with. This team will be considered successful once users of OpenStack can create and manage containers on OpenStack with an experience consistent with what they expect from using the Nova service to get virtual machines.


Anyone interested in containers support in OpenStack may join the OpenStack Containers Team on Launchpad for meeting invite updates.


This team has a weekly meeting schedule on the main OpenStack meeting schedule:

Top Themes

This team has identified the following areas of focus:

  • Container support in OpenStack, with minimum code duplication
  • Drive agreement on where containers belong
  • API support for using features from Containers that are not offered by virtual machines.

These focus areas were confirmed in our two[1][2] initial meetings by using an interactive etherpad[3] and subsequent discussion on the #openstack-containers IRC channel.

Mailing List

Mailing list discussion for this team is on the OpenStack Developers Mailing List. Prepend the topic tag [Containers] to your subject line.


Team members are encouraged to join the #openstack-containers channel or Freenode. For those also interested in the nova-docker virt driver on Stackforge may also be interested in the #nova-docker channel.