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Airship: Elevate Your Infrastructure!

Airship is a collection of open source tools for automating cloud provisioning and management. Airship provides a declarative framework for defining and managing the life cycle of open infrastructure tools and the underlying hardware. These tools include OpenStack for virtual machines, Kubernetes for container orchestration, and MaaS for bare metal, with planned support for OpenStack Ironic.

Try It Out

To experiment with a single-node deployment of Airship in a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 VM, visit https://airshipit.org.

To download the Airship Seaworthy multi-node Airship reference deployment, see the Check It Out section.

The VM is managed using OpenStack Horizon. For information on OpenStack, see the OpenStack documentation at https://docs.openstack.org/. The undercloud platform is managed using Airship Shipyard. For information about Shipyard, see the Documentation section.


We are working toward a 1.0 release within the next six months.

Check It Out

You can check out the source code from this repository: https://git.airshipit.org/cgit.

There you’ll find the following components:

  • Airship-in-a-Bottle - A complete, single-node deployment for curious newcomers.
  • Airship Specifications - Specifications for the Airship projects
  • Armada - An orchestrator for deploying and upgrading a collection of Helm charts
  • Berth - A lightweight mechanism for managing VMs on top of Kubernetes via Helm
  • Deckhand - A configuration management service with features to support managing large cluster configurations
  • Diving Bell - A lightweight solution for bare metal configuration management
  • Drydock - A declarative host provisioning system built initially to leverage MaaS for baremetal host deployment
  • MaaS - Kubernetes deployment artifacts for Canonical MaaS
  • Pegleg - A tool to organize configuration of multiple Airship deployments
  • Promenade - A deployment system for resilient, self-hosted Kubernetes
  • Shipyard - A cluster life cycle orchestrator for Airship
  • Treasure Map - Reference Airship manifests, CI/CD, and reference architecture

An additional component is Airship Seaworthy, a multi-node Airship reference deployment, available here:


Airship is free and open source software. The code is available under the Apache 2 license.


Airship has a number of independent components, and we welcome new contributors to all of them! Good ways to get started include:

  1. Take a look at Treasure Map to see how the pieces fit together.
  2. Join the weekly design meeting to see what work is in the hopper (see Get In Touch, below).
  3. Introduce yourself in the IRC channel #airshipit (see Get In Touch).
  4. Take a look at unassigned work items in the OpenStack Airship StoryBoard and volunteer for one.

Story and Issue Tracking

Feel free to browse Airship stories and issues at the OpenStack Airship StoryBoard and even volunteer for an unassigned item.

StoryBoard projects have been created for each of the Airship components. For descriptions of the components, see the Treasure Map (or the Check It Out section above). Follow these links to the StoryBoard projects:

Get in Touch

Mailing lists: lists.airshipit.org

IRC Meeting - Weekly:

Design Call - Weekly

OpenStack Foundation Touchpoint Call – Biweekly

Airship follows the OpenStack Foundation Code of Conduct. For details, please see http://www.openstack.org/legal/community-code-of-conduct.

Airship adheres to the Four Opens of community development. For details, please see https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Open.

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