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This proposal includes the ability to associate flavor types with datastore versions. The trove-manage utility will provide the ability to add/delete this information. An example use case of this feature is say we have an enterprise version datastore which requires minimum 2GB flavor associated with it. There is no way to currently to enforce that.

API Resources


Existing Routes (that will remain untouched)

Verb Resource Description
GET /{tenant_id}/flavors Gets list of flavors for the default datastore version

New Routes

Verb Resource Description
GET "/{tenant_id}/flavors/datastores/versions/{datastore_version_id} Gets list of flavors for a given datastore version

Example Calls

List Flavors (GET)

This call lists all flavors for a given datastore version



"flavors": [
       "id": 1,
       "links": [
                      "href": "https://ord.databases.api.rackspacecloud.com/v1.0/1234/flavors/1",
                      "rel": "self"
                      "href": "https://ord.databases.api.rackspacecloud.com/flavors/1",
                      "rel": "bookmark"
       "name": "512MB Instance",
       "ram": 512

Trove-manage util extension

trove-manage datastore-version-flavor-add datastore_version_id flavor_id_list

trove-manage datastore-version-flavor-delete datastore_version_id flavor_id

Database Schema

One new entity will be created in the trove database: datastore_version_metadata. This will store any additional metadata related to a datastore version including its relation with flavors - key=flavor and the value=flavor_id.

Datastore Version Metadata

This table will contain the id, datastore_version_id, key and value

Name Data Type Length Nullable Details
id VARCHAR 36 False Primary Key, Generated UUID
datastore_version_id VARCHAR 36 False -
key VARCHAR 128 False -
value VARCHAR 128 True -

Other Comments

There is an older blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/trove/+spec/service-type-filter-on-flavors which got abandoned. I propose that it should be broken up into to blueprints :

  1. Ability to add flavors via trove
  2. Associating flavors with datastore versions

This spec elaborates on (2) and can be used for the same.