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Trove Talks for the Kilo Summit

This is a list of proposed talks for the OpenStack Kilo Summit that are Trove related.
Please vote on them when you get a chance. Voting closes Aug 6th 11:59 CDT.

Everything you wanted to know about Trove but didn't know whom to ask

Trove in the real world – Adventures in running production workloads on upstream code

OpenStack Trove replication and clustering in Juno, architecture and usage

Show me the services! (Leveraging OpenStack PaaS for Helion ALS apps)

Show me the Databases: Getting Started with Trove on OpenStack

Support for New Database Technologies in Trove; Guest Agents, Guest Images, Datastores and ...

Zero to Trove in 30 minutes... deploying DBaaS on OpenStack

Percona Server Features for OpenStack and Trove Ops

Host and Guest Database Backup and Recovery for OpenStack Ops

Trove Performance Tuning for MySQL

Hands On Trove: Database as a Service in OpenStack

Orchestrating and Administering Database Clusters in OpenStack

Oars in the Cloud: Virtualization-aware Galera instances

ACIDic Clusters: Review of contemporary ACID-compliant databases with synchronous replication

Rock the performance: OpenStack on Osv