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Barbican integration

Barbican description

Barbican is a tenant aware key and secrets management service for cloud applications, including symmetric and asymmetric keys, raw secrets and support for public and private SSL certificates. See Barbican at Launchpad.


Trove uses encryption/decryption for backups (if encryption enabled). For this workflow Trove uses:

  • Algorithm: AES
  • Mode: cbc
  • Key lenght: 256
  • Payload content type: application/octet-stream

For performing encyption/decryption Trove uses:

  • openssl util



Barbican designed to provide Secret delivery and storage. By the default, Barbican provides AES order with key length 256 bit and CBC mode.

Note: Barbican integration was proposed for Cinder.


Since we have security issue with passwords/keys in conf file we need to provide and ability to use another implementations that are not the part of Trove official distro. That would take off all concerns in front of OSSG. Provided interface takes off all responsibility against use of passwords/key in conf files by allowing to delegate key management to 3d party tools through side implementation of BaseSecurityWorkflow that's not the part of official distro, and existing configuration are might be marked as "for developing/testing only".


  • Trove would no longer need to store backup encyption password in plain text guest configuration file (which seems to be a security issue). Same takes place for replication user password.
  • Advanced OpenStack integration.



Existing code will be refactored to extract Security workflow into it's own package:

  • trove/security

Abstract layer for Security workflow will be proposed:

  • BaseSecurityWorkflow
    • Implementation
  import abc
  import six
  class BaseSecurityWorkflow(object):
      def _get_or_create_key(self,
          """Creates a key by given parameters."""
      def get_backup_encyption_key(self):
          """Implements backup encryption password delivery."""
      def get_replication_user_key(self):
          """Implements replication user key delivery."""

Two implementation of BaseSecurityWorkflow class would be added:

  • Proprietary (what actually we have now: passwords are retrieved from configuration file, same for each new guest deployment)
  • Barbican-based implementation (AES key delivery).

Barbican key delivery workflow

For delivering a key barbican requieres the name for it. To satisfy this requirement as the name of the Key(in terms of Barbican - Order) can be used backup ID and backup Name.


New options would be proposed:

  • Name: barbican_url
    • Type: String
    • Upkeep: barbican endpoint url
    • Value:
      • default: localhost:9311
  • Name: remote_barbican_client
    • Type: String
    • Upkeep: barbican client class implementation
    • Value:
      • Default: trove.common.remote.barbican_client
  • Name: security_strategy
    • Type: String
    • Upkeep: implementation classpath
    • Value:
      • default: trove.security.proprietary.SecurityWorkflow
      • possible values: trove.security.barbican.SecurityWorkflow


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Public API

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Internal API

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