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Topology as a Service

As discussed at Juno design summit, there are much demand for Topology-as-a-Service which gather information of physical network topology in one place and provide it to other openstack component.


  1. finish project page for incubation
  2. gather use cases and break them down to requirement of the Topology-as-a-Service implementation
  3. design API and data model
  4. start incubation process and coding

Use cases

  • Vendors like cisco hard code their topology inside the config files currently, this extensions or a similar service is required for large scale deployments. - Arvind
  • Should this be a separate service? Other services like Nova and Cinder might find it useful to have topology information for scheduling etc. - Arvind
  • TripleO has a need to configure link aggregation.  Will this provide enough info/capability? - ChuckC