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Migrating code from tempest into tempest-lib

1. Run migration script

The first step is to run the migration script. The script is located at tools/migrate_from_tempest.sh in the tempest-lib repo.

2. Relocate code and refactor

The migration commits must remain untouched, (except for file locations, the code copied is what is important) they are used to transfer history from 1:1 from tempest. Once a file has been migrated modifications to it in the tempest repo should cease.

In the follow-on commits you should work on refactoring the code to be more library friendly. This includes things like removing calls to the tempest config file, reworking the class structure, etc. A large part of doing this is adding unit testing. Everything in tempest-lib requires unit tests. The python api provided by tempest-lib is stable and we need to have sufficient testing to verify that both the api doesn't change accidentally and is working as expected

3. Removing the old module from tempest

After the migration to tempest-lib is completed and the refactoring has been finished it is time to switch tempest over to using the code module from tempest lib and remove the existing code in the tempest tree. This can be done as one patch or a series depending on how invasive of a change is required.