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Monitoring as a Service

An OpenStack related project designed to provide highly available, scalable and flexible monitoring for OpenStack.

Surveil will try to solve the needs mentioned in the Monitoring as a Service blueprint

Key Project Tenets

Community Driven

  • Collaborative open design
  • Open source under Apache 2.0 just like OpenStack.
  • Simple governance model that mirrors existing OpenStack projects.
    • Code hosted on OpenStack with StackForge.

OpenStack Native Design

  • Leverage existing OpenStack projects (Heat, Nova, Glance, Keystone, Neutron, Trove, etc.)
  • Leverage existing Open Source projects (Shinken, Riemann, InfluxDB, Adagios, Grafana)

Proposed architecture


  • Shinken is a monitoring framework. It's a Python Nagios® Core total rewrite enhancing flexibility and large environment management.
  • Adagios Adagios is a web based Nagios configuration interface built to be simple and intuitive in design.
  • Riemann is an event stream processor.
  • InfluxDB is an open-source distributed time series database with no external dependencies.


We use IRC at #surveil on freenode for development discussion.