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The Compute team is having their Liberty mid-cycle meetup in Rochester, MN.

  • Where: IBM - 3605 US-52, Rochester, MN 55901
  • When: July 21-23 2015


  • Rochester has a regional airport (RST) with connections to MSP and ORD but most people will probably just fly into MSP and either rent a car (it's about 80 miles / 1.5 hour drive to Rochester from MSP), or there is a shuttle service: http://www.gorochesterdirect.com/
  • Map of MSP to IBM


  • There are no discount rates for the meetup.
  • Some people are staying at the Homewood Suites which is probably a bit on the more expensive side given it's proximity to one of the hospitals. Also some folks are at the Holiday Inn Express which is quite close to Homewood Suites, but cheaper.
  • There are many hotels in town, including some around the IBM campus which are also close to Highway 52 (access to downtown and the highway that takes you to Minneapolis/MSP airport).

IBM Specifics

  • Organizer: Matt Riedemann (mriedem@us.ibm.com) - mriedem on IRC
  • We'll be meeting in rooms 3, 5 and the Minnesota Room in building 25-2 on the North side of the site, just past the lobby to the customer briefing center.
  • It's probably easiest to enter the IBM site through the 37th Street entrance on the North side, then building 25 is about the 2nd or 3rd building in from the parking lot. There are some security booths at each entrance but during normal business hours they are open so just drive in.
  • Visitor access will go through the lobby of building 25, there should be a person at a desk that can sign you in and show you to the conference room.
    • Visitor badges will be given out on Tuesday morning between 8:45 and 9am, then just remember to bring them each morning thereafter.
    • A government issued photo ID is required on the first day to get the badge. For international visitors this means a passport. For US visitors a driver's license is fine.
    • IBM employees from Rochester are supposed to use any other entrance but the customer briefing center lobby entrance at 25-2 (for whatever reason, don't ask me why).
  • Food: breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks/coffee will be provided. If you have dietary requirements, please let mriedem know or contact the event organizers on the eventbrite registration.
  • Information from IBM website

Nova Specifics