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The Horizon team is having their Newton mid-cycle/sprint in San Jose, California.


If you are unable to get a wiki.openstack.org account but would like to sign up, please add your details to the etherpad linked above and/or ping robcresswell or david-lyle in the #openstack-horizon room to add you. Apologies for any inconvenience.

# Name IRC Nick Email
1 Rob Cresswell robcresswell robert.cresswell AT outlook DOT com
2 Thai Tran tqtran tqtran AT us DOT ibm DOT com
3 Richard Jones r1chardj0n3s r1chardj0n3s AT gmail DOT com
4 Brad Pokorny bpokorny brad_pokorny AT symantec DOT com
5 David Lyle david-lyle dklyle0 AT gmail DOT com
6 Matt Borland matt-borland matt.borland AT moc.eph REVERSED
7 Diana Whitten hurgleburgler hurgleburgler AT gmail DOT com
8 Daniel Castellanos lcastell luis DOT daniel DOT castellanos AT intel DOT com
9 Travis Tripp TravT travis.tripp AT moc.eph REVERSED
10 Ankur Gupta ankur-gupta-f ankur DOT gupta AT intel DOT com
11 Timur Sufiev tsufiev tsufiev AT mirantis DOT com
12 Cindy Lu clu_ clu AT us DOT ibm DOT com
13 Beth Elwell betherly e DOT r DOT elwell AT gmail DOT com