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The Horizon team is having their Mitaka mid-cycle/sprint in Hillsboro, Oregon.


  • Fly into Portland International Airport (PDX)
    • Time to drive is approximately 40 minutes
    • Trains from airport to Hillsboro are available, but will take approximately 2 hours travel time.


Recommended hotels in Hillsboro are:

  • Holiday Inn Express Portland West/Hillsboro , 5900 NE Ray Cir, Hillsboro, OR 97124, Phone:(503) 844-9696


  • Larkspur Landing in Hillsboro, Oregon, 3133 NE Shute Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124, Phone:(503) 681-2121


  • More hotel options are available Portland as well. Hillsboro is approximately 30 minutes west of downtown Portland.


# Name IRC Nick Comment Email
1 David Lyle david-lyle dklyle0 AT gmail DOT com
2 Richard Jones r1chardj0n3s r1chardj0n3s AT gmail DOT com
3 Diana Whitten hurgleburgler hurgleburgler AT gmail DOT com
4 Tyr Johanson tyr tyr AT hpe DOT com
5 Doug Fish doug-fish drfish AT ibm DOT com
6 Travis Tripp TravT travis.tripp AT hpe DOT com
7 Piet piet Openstack UX meeting on Friday pkruithofjr AT gmail DOT com
8 Rob Cresswell robcresswell robert.cresswell AT outlook DOT com
9 Justin Pomeroy jpomeroy jpomero AT linux.vnet.ibm DOT com
10 Timur Sufiev tsufiev tsufiev AT mirantis DOT com
11 Matt Borland matt-borland matt.borland AT same-as-tyr-and-diana
12 Thai Tran tqtran tqtran AT us DOT ibm DOT com
13 Cindy Lu clu clu AT us DOT ibm DOT com
14 Tammy Heiserman tammy.heiserman AT hpe DOT com
16 Carol Barrett carolbarrett carol DOT l DOT barrett AT intel DOT com