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Page translation

Pages proposed for translation

These pages contain text with translation tags, but no version of these pages are currently marked for translation.

  1. 2015 9 PRC Hackathon
  2. 2016 3 PRC Hackathon
  3. Bug Tags
  4. I18nTeam/become-a-official-translator
  5. Sandbox ko

Pages in translation

Some version of these pages have been marked for translation.

  1. Open
  2. ReleaseNotes/Juno
  3. ReleaseNotes/Kilo
  4. ReleaseNotes/Liberty
  5. Sandbox
  6. User:Smaffulli
  7. Category:Programs

Broken pages

Older versions of these pages are marked for translation, but the latest versions cannot be marked for translation.

  1. I18nTeam
  2. OpenStack Upstream Institute
  3. OpenStack Upstream Training/Info
  4. PRC Kilo Hackaton