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Ansible Module Proposal

When running discovery, utilize Ansible if it's already available on the system.


  • It's written in Python so it's native (no shell-out)
  • It has system info (facts) already built in with the `setup` module
  • It will run ohai and facter on the system to be discovered if already installed
  • We can create our own modules that live with the code or provide an option to look at a custom path


  • Each module has to be called individually
  • Potentially "heavy" in terms of installation and execution (possibly negated by not directly requiring)
  • Could open the door for changes instead of read-only


>>> from satori import ansible
>>> creds = {"username": "Tobias", "password": "pa$$word"}
>>> facts = ansible.discover(host, creds)


  • Import `satori.ansible` in a `try except` block to see if it is installed
  • Simply require a `pip install ansible` to take advantage of it
  • Allow a `-a` flag with an optional parameter of `--ansible-module-path` and/or `--ansible-module-name` for custom modules
  • Do read only operations. This may only be allowable via the `setup` module execution _only_, and not allowing cutom modules yet.