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Sahara/Release 0.3 Retrospective

What worked well

  • Savanna became incubated OpenStack project!
  • Continuously growing community during Savanna 0.3 release
  • Almost all features declared in the 0.3 Roadmap were delivered in time
  • Effective collaboration of people from several companies and locations
  • More collaboration on feature development than ever before
  • Great CI and integration tests
  • Good level/quality of code-reviews
  • Ability to move the project forward on multiple fronts

What didn't work well

  • Not all core members review code actively
  • There was not enough code review from all community members
  • Difficulties with code review when too big commits (more than 300 lines of code in single patch)
  • Plugin developers should pay more attention to integration tests. It's really hard to review new plugin code if there is no way to make sure that it works (i.e. add integration tests for new plugin along with the main code)
  • CI is executed on stable (read OLD) release of OpenStack
  • Latency for collaboration within the community
  • Hive does not work with swift

What needs to be improved

  • Core contributors should comply with their responsibilities (at least review code more actively)
  • New core team members should pay more attention to code reviews
  • We need clear criteria for core team members. Only those who qualify to that criteria should be in the core team
  • Review timing, balance desire to reduce wait time and increase review participation
  • Collaboration on joint features in the community
  • Blueprint lifecycle is not clear. We should adopt http://www.mail-archive.com/openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org/msg06800.html
  • We need bug-scrub days
  • We need to redefine CI process. Should it be DevStack in VM running OpenStack/master + Savanna/master, or OpenStack/stable + Savanna/master?
  • We need to move integration tests to Tempest