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New Project Name

Sahara project was known as Savanna until March 2014, when the project was renamed to avoid trademark issues.

Key New Features

  • Sahara in DevStack: Sahara will be installed with the DevStack if you add ENABLED_SERVICES+=,sahara line to your localrc.
  • Integration with Heat: Heat is now supported as a provisioning engine. When the engine is enabled Heat manages all the infrastructure: instances, floating IPs, volumes, etc.
  • Hadoop 2: Vanilla and HDP plugins now support Hadoop 2 for both provisioning and EDP.
  • New EDP actions: MapReduce.Streaming and Java actions are now supported.
  • CLI client: python-saharaclient now provides CLI interface along with Python bindings.

Known Issues

  • Bug 1308541 Sahara does not work with Nova-Network if auto_assign_floating_ip=False in nova.conf.
  • Bug 1307960 Broken validation prevents job execution on transient clusters with some probability.