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This wiki might be outdated follow refstack's documentation for the current information: https://docs.opendev.org/openinfra/refstack/latest/index.html

More info about Interop Working Group can be found at: https://docs.opendev.org/openinfra/interop/latest/index.html

Toolset for testing interoperability between OpenStack clouds.

RefStack Design

RefStack provides the Interop Working Group, the tools for vendors and other users to run API tests against their clouds to provide the Interop Working Group with a reliable overview of what APIs and capabilities are being used in the marketplace. This will help to guide the Interop Working Group-defined capabilities and help ensure interoperability across the entire OpenStack ecosystem. It can be used to validate whether and how well actual OpenStack installations fit the OpenStack Foundation's requirements for OpenStack branding. As determined through requirements analysis and specifications, it consists of a client that will gather OpenStack Tempest test results for the Stack under test, a User Interface for analyzing results, and a reporting structure that allows on-line and off-line options for submission for certification.


Interop Working Group Requirements
Use Cases


For a quick overview, see the RefStack Documentation


The RefStack server is comprised of two components: the API and the UI. The API contains the REST endpoints needed for a user to upload and retrieve test result data sets which are stored in a MySQL database. The UI is an AngularJS based front-end for browsing uploaded data and viewing how test results stack up against Interop Working Group capabilities.


The RefStack client is a Tempest wrapper that will run the Tempest API tests and will format the results in a way that the RefStack API expects. The client does the following things:

  • Extracts just the 'Passed' tests from the generated subunit file.
  • Retrieves the cloud provider ID (here, we use the Keystone service ID as the CPID), and associates it with the results.
  • Gives the ability to upload data to a RefStack server.

refstack-client's documentation is available here


Website: https://refstack.openstack.org/
More info here: https://docs.opendev.org/openinfra/refstack/latest/contributing.html



RefStack Meetings

For meeting info visit the following link: https://meetings.opendev.org/#Interop_Working_Group_Meeting


(OLD) https://blueprints.launchpad.net/refstack




Blogs, Articles, Etc.

(OLD) http://robhirschfeld.com/2014/01/07/defcore-critieria/