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'''This page is outdated'''

The content of this page has not been updated for a very long time. The Burrow project has not been updated for the current release.

Queue Service

This document is a proposal and plan for a queue service, it is not an official OpenStack project yet. Once there is an implementation to evaluate, it will be submitted to the OpenStack Project Policy Board for approval.

This project has been started on Launchpad under the name "Burrow". You can find the source code, current tasks, and other information at: https://launchpad.net/burrow

The docs that were once here are now located on the new burrow documentation site at: http://burrow.openstack.org/

Possible Features in the Future

  • Support user-defined metadata.
  • Allow secondary indexes on user-defined metadata.
  • Support in-process router "workers" for advanced routing and replication configurations. This will require API additions to manage the routing rules.