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Consistent Operational Interface

OpenStack has a lot of projects. For each project, the OpenStack Jenkins needs to be able to perform a lot of tasks. If each project has a slightly different way to accomplish those tasks, it makes the management of a consistent testing infrastructure very difficult to deal with. Additionally, because of the high volume of development changes and testing, the testing infrastructure has to be able to pre-cache artifacts that are normally fetched over the internet. To that end, each project should support a consistent interface for driving tests and other necessary tasks.

End results needed

Each python project must be able to do:

  • Unit tests for python2.6
  • Unit tests for python2.7
  • pep8 checks
  • Testing Coverage Report
  • source tarball generation
  • Translations import/export and merge for translated projects
  • Documentation generation

Specific commands

To drive the above tasks, the following commands should be supported in a clean tree:

  • tox -epy26
  • tox -epy27
  • tox -epep8
  • tox -ecover
  • tox -evenv python setup.py sdist
  • tox -evenv python setup.py build_sphinx

Projects that are translated should also support:

  • tox -evenv python setup.py extract_messages
  • tox -evenv python setup.py update_catalog

Requirements Listing

Each project should list its operations dependencies in tools/pip-requires and additional dependencies required for testing in tools/test-requires.

Virtual Environment Management

To support sensible testing across multiple python versions, we've use tox config files in the projects with the hope that eventually we can remove having install_venv.py copied in to each of the projects.

unittest running

Nova uses a specialized test runner, which is a subclass of nose. Most of the functionality of this has been extracted in to openstack.nose_plugin. There are still a few test failures currently when running nova unittests directly under nose, but once those are solved, the projects should really all have a config for openstack.nose_plugin and then support running nose directly with no special setup... this will help in writing code to exploit the features of nose.

Helper Scripts

The projects up until now have all had a run_tests.sh and a with_venv.sh script. run_tests.sh should be able to be easily re-written to pass things along to the above tox commands. with_venv.sh is also easy - the tox venv environment (tox -evenv) is available to run arbitrary commands in the context of a tox virtualenv.

Generated Files

ChangeLog and AUTHORS files should be generated at setup.py sdist time. Code exists in oslo in the setup module to support that.

.mailmap files should exist where a developer has more than one email address or identity, and should map to the developer's canonical identity.


To support translations processing, projects should have a valid babel config. There should be a locale package inside of the top project module, and in that dir should be the $project.pot file. For instance, for nova, there should be nova/locale/nova.pot. Babel commands should be configured out output their .mo files in to $project/locale as well.


Developer docs are generated from Sphinx sources in the tree. Additionally, there are end user docs and API docs which are maintained outside of the context of a project's repo. To support documentation generation, projects should have sphinx documentation source in doc/source and build_sphinx should output the documentation to doc/build.