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Poppy/Provider - Getting Started/Configuration

Registering your provider extension, using Stevedore

Congratulations! If you made it here, then you must have a provider ready to go =)

Poppy uses the Stevedore framework to configure Extension Drivers into the application.


Add an entry point to the list in /setup.cfg, so that Poppy recognizes your new driver and operators can start to use it.

 poppy.provider =
 {your_provider_name} = poppy.provider.{your_provider_name}:Driver

This will allow Poppy to detect your provider, and use it in configurations.

Once you have registered your Stevedore plugin, please add it to the configuration sample (and your own configuration that you are running).

Configuring your Provider Extension Driver


Add your provider as a valid option for Poppy to use::

 # Provider modules list (a list of comma separated provider module list)
 providers = mock,fastly,akamai,{your_provider_name}

Set up any provider specific configuration parameters that the operator can set::

 username = "MY_USERNAME"
 apikey = "MY_APIKEY"

where username and apikey could be configuration parameters that your driver requires to communicate with your backend api.